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Messeri is an Italian brand of bags and leather goods born at the epicenter of world leatherwear production; to be more precise, in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, famous all over the world for its craft tradition in leather craftsmanship.

We created the Messeri brand when our team - Italian designers, technicians and tanners - already had many years of experience producing for well known brands. We took this step with one aim in mind: to make the luxury of owning an authentic Italian handbag accessible to as many customers as possible.


Our products are marked "Made in Italy", a worldwide synonym for quality and beauty. Everything, from the leather cured in Italian factories to the cutting, sewing and packaging of the Messeri bags, is entirely made in Italy.

Modern technology has automated many processes in the leather craft. However, authentic Italian bags are still made using traditional and even manual techniques, the secret of which is not revealed to many.

This is what makes each Messeri product unique, conveying to the wearer the energy and love with which the bags are made.


We always think of the uniqueness and individuality of each woman when we design Messeri collections. And we do it consciously, just as our customers consciously complete their wardrobe with the main accessory - a bag that can undoubtedly confirm its owner's status. The style of each model in our collections is matched by comfort, beauty by functionality and attention to detail, quality by current trends.

We reveal the secrets of style and trends in the world of leather fashion on our Instagram account @messeri_firenze. And this is also a conscious decision that will help everyone who chooses Messeri or is just thinking about choosing, to create a modern and stylish Italian look. It can be sporty or businesslike, casual or solemn, dramatic or feminine or anything else. Messeri for sure will be an important and maybe even a decisive finishing touch to your image.